Features of Gbwhatsapp


  • The style of Old Stock entry is introduced for the betterment of this mobile app, which is found to be highly acceptable for the users.
  • The users are given the liberty to change the background colors of the unread section of the online chatting section of this MOD apk. The colors of the texts also can be changed anytime, as per the choice of the users.
  • The user can enable the group settings of any group discussion chat and they can also see the group description, which helps them to decide about joining that gbwhatsapp group.
  • The ‘Last Seen’ option on the home screen of the app can be set as default or may be hidden, as per the wish of the user.
  • Now the user can control the fact that who can call him/her, by blocking the undesired callers on this app. So the users can safely receive the calls of only their friends through this MOD apk.
  • The user can see blue ticks on his/her reply, which can be modified by entering the Privacy section of the Settings of this app.
  • All types of errors are automatically fixed on this app, including the call crash on the Android operating system and the accidental fault arising during the locking of wallpaper on the app. All the other bugs are also fixed on this app automatically, as per the latest improved version of this MOD apk.


Hence, GBwhatsapp is the highly favored mobile app and gradually its use is spreading among the tech savvy men and women all over the world.


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