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Good Night Rest for You and Your Baby!

Babies are bundles of joy; with their cute looks and supple body, they are always adorable and delightful, making them a joy to look at and a joy to hold.  Most couples want babies, as many people believe that a family is only complete when a baby arrives. This belief makes couples eagerly look forward to having a baby. The excitement of new couples usually knows no bounds when they have their first child. Babies are lovely beings, but they can make things uncomfortable for their parents, so it’s good to be prepared.

Babies don’t talk, so the only way they can communicate with you and tell you what is going on or what they want is through crying. Babies can cry anytime of the day, but it is a known fact that they cry more at night, especially midnight. They wake up many times in the night and each time they wake up, they cry. This is very uncomfortable for parents who are tired from their various day activities and would like to get the needed night rest. Couples who have had one or two babies usually get used to this behavior of babies and are ready to sacrifice their precious night rest to rock their baby to sleep.

Now I am sure you have these types of questions in your mind: How can I and my baby enjoy a good night rest? Is it possible to make my baby sleep peacefully and soundly through the night? Is there an app out there that can be very helpful? Here is the answer to your questions: SOUND CRADLE APP

What is Sound Cradle App?

Sound cradle was designed for all parents that desire sound sleep for themselves and their babies. It is an app built with gentle sounds that distracts, soothes and calms your baby. Babies have a very sharp response to sound and that is the reason why some babies kick in their mother’s womb when there is a loud sudden sound. This great hearing ability makes sound cradle app a must-have, as it provides sounds that calm babies in no time and for a long time. Some of the sounds in the app are: water sound, white noise, car engine sound, and many more. These sounds mimic the sound they hear in the womb, making them sounds that babies love to hear.

Features of Sound Cradle:

  • Easy to Use: Sound cradle is very simple, easy to use app. It can be easily used by everyone.
  • Lovely Interface: Sound cradle has a nice, colorful and beautiful floral interface, making it very   appealing and pleasant to operate.
  • Buttons for various sounds and a panel of sound designed as a switchboard.
  • Sound mixing: The different sounds in the sound cradle app can be mixed together at your discretion.
  • Timer: You can time how long you want the sounds to play, e.g.  5 mins, 10 mins, 30 mins, 1 hr or more.

The importance of sound cradle app cannot be over emphasized and it is one of the coolest and best gifts you can give to your child.


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