Actress Trinity Marquez with the Ochoa Brothers at Teen Experience BET Weekend Kickoff Event

Teen actress Trinity Marquez and the Ochoa Brothers pose for a photo together at the Teen Experience BET Weekend Kickoff event at Dave & Buster’s Hollywood & Highland center in Los Angeles, California. Other young Hollywood stars in attendance included Jovan Armand (Nickelodeon's Bella and The Bulldogs), Nathan Arenas (Disney’s BUNK’D), Brooklyn Bella (ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy), and many others. Connect with Trinity on Facebook @

Interview with a talented singer and entrepreneur Maria Azzi Melki

We are sharing our recent interview with multi-talented Maria Azzi Melki. She is not only a talented singer but also runs her own business. Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers. Maria Azzi Melki : I'm Lebanese Canadian. Lebanon is bordering Syria. I reside with my husband and 2 small children in Montreal Canada. I'm a stay at home mom juggling on one side my family and on the other my passion for singing and my home based business of wine. I try as much as I can to find balance, happiness and purpose ... Read More

Diverse Range of Vintage and Urban Jewelry at The Vintage Elysium

Do you like vintage jewelry? Actually I am a big admirer of vintage and urban jewelry. And recently I cam across an online jewelry boutique with so many unique and amazing designs. I admit I am impressed by the collection. Vintage Elysium is the name of the store I am talking about. It is an online jewelry boutique enlisting a diverse range of vintage and urban jewelry. Like other Vintage stores jewelry is not limited to one or two items, they got variety in bridal brooches, hair accessories, ring, bracelets, chokers, earrings as well as gift and bridal baskets which ... Read More

Make Your Event Memorable With Simply Classic Events

Planning an event is not an easy talk if you want to plan it yourself. That's why its always recommended to go with some EXPERT wedding or event planners. I emphasized on the word expert as wedding and similar events takes place once in your lifetime and definitely you would not like to spoil it through someone who don't have much experience and skills in even planning and coordination. I recently got an opportunity to attend an event arranged by Simply Classic Events. I would surely admit it was one of the best arranged event I have attended. Let me ... Read More

Be Unique With Lit T-shirt and Sweater

An important reminder This may sound like a cliche understatement but it still holds true, we are different. And the emphasis I want to make on these few words is that our situations and activities are not entirely different but they almost every time affect us differently.This is a fact of life and if one can try and devote his or her dynamic energy around his or her abilities which he knew as he, experienced the same activities we do each day. That person will affect the world and become successful at what he or she does.So whether you are ... Read More

Have a Long-lasting and durable nail gel experience with NadiaGel

  Its hard to go to saloon every time for gel nail. Not only it will be costly but also its hard to find a good saloon near you. Even if you locate some good saloon in surroundings what if you travel regularly? So it seems hard to get a gel nail every time. But NadiaGel have come up with an exciting and innovative solution. NadiaGel HNC Soak Off Gel Nail Starter Kit got everything you need for non-toxic, long-lasting, and durable gel nail. Kit includes an eco-friendly LED gel lamp cures your work in seconds and a custom-made travel ... Read More

Interview with an on-camera coach Shannon O’Dowd

We are sharing our recent interview with Shannon O’Dowd, an on-camera coach specializing in media training for appearance in front of camera. Pro Media Mag : Hi Shannon! First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers. Shannon O’Dowd : Hi! My name is Shannon O’Dowd and I have been an on-camera coach for over a decade. I specialize in prepping clients on how to prepare for both an appearance, as well as a full career in front of the camera. Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into your chosen industry?: Shannon O’Dowd : I’ve ... Read More

PhoneSilks by DareSoar – Fashionable Armband for your Smartphone

Cell phone has become an essential part of our life, we can't live without it. Whether you are going out for a walk, gym or for any other activity cell phone is a must. But sometimes it becomes hard to carry it. Particularly if you have an iPhone you know very well how sensitive phone it is. You can't afford your iPhone to fall during your activity. And if the activity needs both your hands the problem becomes even bigger. I was facing the same issue but finally I got solution to my problem but DareSoar . PhoneSilks by DareSoar ... Read More

GypsyStars offer jewelry and bows handmade with Autism

Rachel the store owner has autism and he started this Etsy store selling  to sell handmade jewelry and bows. Before going through the products or buying anything we have made a little effort to get to the know the store owner and the main idea behind manufacturing and selling these products. Rachel says, "I started this store to sell these amazing things that I learned to make in art/craft classes. It takes hard work and I'm a little slower than the average person but my abilities are just as strong as everyone else's. I get to make so many amazing ... Read More

Music Artist Kool Focus talks about his life and music

We are sharing our recent interview with a talented music artist Kool Focus. Thanks for being on our network.. Please Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, education etc. ?? Born in Chicago raised in Lansing MI. I’ve been doing music since I was a kid. In the basement recording on tapes. I loved the females in school so i graduated lol. I’m not just in to hip hop, i like all music. Tell us about your upcoming track ? The track everybody hearing right now it’s called Look Look, Club Banger. My new track for the ladies. ... Read More