Bizzalley, the New App for Businesses, Offers Open Customer Interaction and Growth


What apps like Whatsapp have done for the global audience, the new Bizzalley app promises to do for businesses. The only app that is exclusively focused on making businesses connect with customers, Bizzalley is packed with features that bring local services right into the hands of customers on the go.

Customer service and interaction is at the heart of success for any small business, start-up or micro venture. Yet there has been a lack of flexible, feature rich apps that would allow businesses to build trust, authenticity and openness with their clients. Bizzalley, now available for Android and iOS, is precisely the app that was required, capable of handling a wide range of services such as retailers, restaurants, gyms, pharmacies, laundry services, real estate firms and more.

With its rich palette of features, Bizzalley is designed to take a business forward as never before. Any business can create a free public profile on the app, post images and videos, create offers and campaigns, chat with customers and even accept orders and payments on its secure connection. Customers get to see a list of local businesses around them, new offers and promotions available, and place orders while saving reward cards and bills within the app.

“With Bizzalley, your business is likely to move into a whole new area of operation. Your business need no longer be impersonal; so add a touch of charm and character with the help of the user friendly Bizzalley app,” said a spokesperson from Bizzalley.

“Bizzalley completely changed the way I do business and manage my inquiries. I now get more inquiries and orders. My sales have increased by 20% in the last 3 months,” says a current user of Bizzalley.

The designers of Bizzalley have ensured that anyone conversant with social media and apps can derive maximum benefit with a minimal learning curve. When it comes to enhancing the interaction between businesses and customers, Bizzalley is the app to keep in hand for experiencing newer, faster ways to connect.

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