How to receive donation online ?

Whether you are starting a new business that depends on fundraising or running a non profit organization or institute that runs on donations, you will definitely need a platform to raise money online. You’re probably thinking of Indigo or Kickstarter are good for fundraising. Yes, they are good but they are limited to fundraising for projects only. Let’s discuss fundraising for other purposes too. First of all, let's discuss what you actually need. You need a platform where anyone interested in donating can easily send money to your account. The transaction process should be secure, so that the donor won’t ... Read More

Do you want to protect your children online?

Even though technology has always been very helpful for human beings and done the wonders in recent years. But the ghost of this technology is danger for our children as well. As it has given them open access to the world around them. They are immature so unable to understand what's right and what's wrong. That's why parents are always worried about the miss use of this technology by their children. But they don't need to worry now. Brookwood Cedar are bringing in some hi tech apps to protect your children and for your other safety online. ParentOn  keep you ... Read More

Coinpal- The best wallet for your bitcoin and bitcoin cash

When you talk about digital cash? The first name that comes to your mind is Bitcoins. Thousands of people around the world are dealing in bitcoin and other such crypto-currencies. Whether you are keeping bitcoin and waiting for some good time to trade or dealing in continuous bases, definitely you need to keep a record of your bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Being a digital cash ofcourse you can't keep it in your wallet like paper cash. So what's the best solution? Coinpal Wallet. It's easy to use and free wallet to keep your bitcoins and bitcoin cash.     Their ... Read More

CryptoTask : From An Emerging Cryptocurrency To Lunching A Freelance Market

Time changes so frequently and sometimes changes the game altogether. A few years back no one was willing to trust the new concept then 'Cryptocurrency'. It seemed hard to devour in the beginning. Something that's not physically there and only available digitally was something strange at that time. But since the launch of Bitcoins and it's rapid success cryptocurrency has become one of the most reliable digital asset. In last few years a number of cryptocurrencies are launched. But the one that impressed me in past few months is CryptoTask. But before I proceed with it, for those who are ... Read More

The Answer To Your Cash Problems Can Be Helped With Personal-Finance Control

There is more to the subject of personal finance than just money. It has more to do with common sense than anything else. Managing personal finances the right way is a behavior that too many people learn the tough way. Take the following advice seriously and try to implement these changes into your personal finances to experience a happier and less stressful life. Profits need to be protected and capital in the business. Set a standard for what profits you keep as profit and what is reallocated into capital. Buying your lean protein in various bulk will allow you to ... Read More