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Are you a fan of Lords and Knights game? The game is worth loving it.Hundreds of thousands people are addicted to this game. But the game needs special skills. If you are skillful enough to handle all the tasks, create the right strategies, intelligent enough to make and empire and run it properly, then you are too good (And in most of the cases it's a tough ask). And in case you love the game but still can't figure out how to run the Empire then you either need to spend a number of days or weeks on this game ... Read More

Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3 – What’s Better Xbox 360 or Playstation 3

Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3
If there is one truth in the world of gaming, it is that every gamer has a preference in which console they use. A person can deny it all they want. They can claim to enjoy consoles equally — but deep down, there is always a preference. If there was no opinion either way, the manufacturers would not put so much effort into the design, performance and marketing of their gaming systems. The two biggest rivals currently competing for the market share of the gaming world are Sony and Microsoft. Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3. So what's better Xbox 3 ... Read More

7 Days to Die Review

7 Days to Die
The essence of the game can be understood in terms of the imaginative fear that you are supposed to live in an unforgiving world, and where at each and every point you will have to face and fight many things. In different modes of the game, you are supposed to survive for different days accordingly, and for survival, you must have different skills like hunting, scavenging and crafting. Food – A Top Priority Food is a top priority in the game, and if you want to survive, you are supposed to find and collect as much food as necessary. The ... Read More


In 2009, Borderland 1 was released which introduced players to the planet of Pandora; in the first version, some players could operate well only by RPG system, while others could only tolerate the desert battles. But, the Borderland 2 allows you to see a different and unique side of Pandora. Story You can say that the story of the Borderland 2 is the biggest improvement; it combines both humor and over-the-top style. From the beginning to the end of the game, the action is done by the strong personalities. These characters have different things like sense of importance, hyperactivity, and ... Read More

Video Game Logo Evolution

Video Game Logo Evolution
If you had a Nintendo 64 or a SEGA Genises, you had one of the greatest childhoods on earth. The current generation does not understand the efforts it took to come to the current high fidelity graphics. They may have their GTA V and Street Fighter V, but they will never know the joy of chasing after mushrooms, which were somehow completely legal, or playing a game where gold rings were just lying around to be collected by a hedgehog. If you say it this way, it does seem a bit confusing. Were the developers actually playing with our tiny ... Read More

Clash Of Clans

So citadel clash is a game the is impressed some what by the clash of clans app. You'll have to build up your empire to battle in opposition to all totally different sorts of enemies. You'll in fact have to improve your hero and for this you'll surely need a castle clash cheats for free gems. clash of clans hacked This is the right place the place you could find a useful and efficient Clash of Clans hack software. With one click on of a button, you possibly can have enjoyable on this Fb/cell recreation and by no means ran ... Read More

Conflict Of Clans Hack For Correct Fun

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Did You Know? The 2014 World Cup ranks joint first when it comes to the full variety of targets scored in the event. 171 targets were scored within the event, tying with the 1998 World Cup held in France. There are no consequences within the least to attacking different gamers and losing, so just assault and savor it. Win or lose, you could lose the numerous troops you could have within the assault since they're only beneficial to 1 mission, nevertheless, you'll be able to steal more assets with the enemy village than it value to make the troops. And ... Read More

Treellionaire!For Fun Game Lovers

Who said money doesn’t grow on trees? Take care of your own money growing tree. Select your fruits, tree look & scenery, use boosters to maximize your pickup abilities. Scout on other trees & experience the thrill of stealing money from rival trees to increase your own stash, in order to reach your goal of becoming the greatest Treellionaire!!!!A very fun game Great game play. Connect to Google Play Games and check your performance against other Treellionaires all around the world.