Can you convert docx to doc file online ?

Microsoft word has improved so much since it's launch around 20 years ago. New fonts, new formatting, plenty of new features. Definitely it has made things easier and much more interesting for composers. And one thing more that has been changed in recent version is the file extension been changed from doc to docx. But what if you have some old files written and saved in old version of word? Many formatting will be missing and if you have the old version of Microsoft word installed, you will surely need file extension to be 'docx to doc'  to open it. ... Read More

Now You Can Easily Convert Your Visitors into Leads

Do you know how many visitors on your site could be converted to a successful lead? So many of them might have a genuine interest in your site but they might not have idea how to get connected with you. Perhaps they might want to know more about your company of services but due to no proper communication system on your site they would have passed by. Even if you have put your email on your site for contact, most of the people are reluctant to go through the process of mail contact. Even if they would, who knows their ... Read More

PHOTOREALISCTIC Screen Mockups in 24Hrs

Hii, my name is Mulia, I'm a professional full time graphics designer of 7 years Experience. I will give you the best graphics design on ebook cover, CD, Flyer, Kindle and all kind of graphic design projects. I will do 16 PHOTOREALISCTIC Screen Mockups in 24Hrs on fiverr Here is what you get if you buy this gig: 16x different Styles of Photorealistic screen from different devices like Apple iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Air and iPad Mini High Resolution 3000×2000px ( JPG, PNG) Photorealistic results 24Hours Express Delivery 24/7 Customer support  

Introducing Queenja­ Smart Content Services

Queenja recently attracted our attention. The website, offering smart content services is owned by Maya Mey Aroyo, a content writer and an SEO Expert. After spending 3 years behind a computer, working in the media industry, Maya decided to provide a special service for her clients. What Is Smart Content? When you order content from a content writer they will ask you if you want your content to be researched, be compatible to search engines (SEO) or be creative and selling. Why choose? That’s the true meaning of Smart Content. The way Queenja works is very simple­ every piece of ... Read More