Choosing a reliable hosting provider is a tough job ?

Whether you are running a blog or an online company, you need to have a good hosting. But how will you know about the quality of a hosting provider? You will checkout the features of a hosting package provided on the hosting provider’s website? Or you will rely on word of mouths?

Most web hosting companies use tricks to lure you in to their services. They do play tricks with you. Some of the popular tricks are;

A common tactic is to advertise more than they can deliver

A prime example of this is HostGator. They advertise a rate of $3.96 for their entry level plan. They don’t advertise the fact that they expect you to pay for 36 months at that rate upfront! That is $142.56 out of your credit card when you sign up. However, if you were to take the month to month package, the rate goes up to $7.16 – the big question is, why do they do this ? How does it benefit them to lock in rates for 36 months, and make you pay more ? Answer is simple they are collecting the revenue for next years as well.

Apart from that what if they wont upgrade the systems for the years to come? Keeping you on the same resources would definitely slow down your site compare to others in coming years.

Another tactic is to add hidden fees and cross sell. A prime example of this is the ICANN fees for domain names. Godaddy adds the ICANN fee of $0.18 to the cost of the domain. Not all providers do this. Many providers quote the price of the domain as including all the fees and charges. On their website Godaddy says that the fee is mandatory, but what they don’t tell you is – that the fee can be borne by them, like enom or any other provider. Why do they not tell you this ? So, you get lured in to the price on their website and buy the domain from them. By the time you are at the checkout page, you are already mentally committed to buying it – and would naturally be hesitant from going elsewhere.

These were a few examples of how these hosting providers are looting you. So what’s the solution? Is there anyone or any resource around to tell you about the exact rating of each hosting provider? Yes there are many rating websites around. You can use these sites to compare the rates and features of different hosting providers. Read reviews of the people who have used these. So your selection is made easy, correct ?

No ! Wait not yet. These sites can be more fatal then the actual hosting providers. How? they are faking these ratings. Most of them are into the affiliate marketing and earning through selling hosting. The links on their sites are actually the affiliate links from those hosting providers they have rated high.

Got confused big time? Yes same was the case with me. Unable to decide between genuine and fake. Even though I am an IT expert and into such stuff since last 7 years yet it gets hard sometimes to figure out what these hosting companies and rating websites are up to. But I recently came across a site that’s neither a hosting provider nor a rating website, that’s actually a tool to figure out who is right and who is wrong. A complete webhosting research database for your convenience.

Yes they are keeping a check on all the aspects of hosting providers and rating websites we have discussed above. They have figured out some algorithm to check the legitimacy of ratings and reviews of these sites. They are also scanning the domains to make things much more clear. (I really loved that point). And the thing that made me trust them is their domain name that’s actually a top domain name worth thousands of dollars. (Came to know they have purchased it for $400k+) .Even though this point has made me confused somewhat. Why someone would spend such large amount and run a system that would only benefit others and not them? And luckily I found the answer by scrolling down the page. Donations! They are not earning through links or faking anything rather they are relying on the donation by those people who were saved from being looted by these hosting providers and these so called rating websites. Apart from that they have provided complete guides about different kind of hosting. Whether you are looking for Budget, business, vps, dedicated or any other kind of hosting you can checkout their guide for help and suggestions.

So overall the site seems to be a good solution to all the problems we have discussed above. In case they would keep their site they way it is (monetize free) it will surely become one of the most reliable source of comparing the hosting providers.

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