Do you want to protect your children online?

Even though technology has always been very helpful for human beings and done the wonders in recent years. But the ghost of this technology is danger for our children as well. As it has given them open access to the world around them. They are immature so unable to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s why parents are always worried about the miss use of this technology by their children. But they don’t need to worry now. Brookwood Cedar are bringing in some hi tech apps to protect your children and for your other safety online.

ParentOn  keep you child safe on their smartphone.This tested anti grooming software that will alert parents to any inappropriate behaviour from potential groomers directly and instantly to your mobile phone so you can act on it before it is too late A Cross platform phone app (IOS, Android) which is in 2 parts. The main part resides on the parents phone and the remote part sits on the child phone. This product is NOT designed to spy on every thing that the teen does as that would be a constant stream of data which would be impossible to see what was good and what should be checked. When the teen engages on a chat room with someone who is not their usual friend, and they are trying to GROOM that teen to meet up and send inappropriate photos of themselves to them.

ParentOn picks this up and sends a discreet message to the parents phone alerting them of the fact.

Apart from that Brookwood Cedar are introduction 3 more apps. Even though these are not related to your kids but still very effective for your personal and corporate security. That includes Access Denied, a program that provides total control over which programs your PC runs in an effective and easy to use tool. MCRYPT Giving companies protection over their digital copyright. TypeSecure works with all environments and can be customized to integrate with many possible OEM vendors systems and products.

You can get all that security but first you need to back them up. They are running a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo. They need you to back and support them to bring these wonderful apps online for your security.


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