How to receive donation online ?

Whether you are starting a new business that depends on fundraising or running a non profit organization or institute that runs on donations, you will definitely need a platform to raise money online. You’re probably thinking of Indigo or Kickstarter are good for fundraising. Yes, they are good but they are limited to fundraising for projects only. Let’s discuss fundraising for other purposes too.

First of all, let’s discuss what you actually need. You need a platform where anyone interested in donating can easily send money to your account. The transaction process should be secure, so that the donor won’t have any hesitation in entering their payment details. In addition to collecting the donation, you would surely need to keep records of your donors too. In some cases, donors may want to set up recurring donations for each month or for other time intervals.

Managing these records will be very useful for you. And keeping a record of your monthly or yearly donations on one dashboard is required too.

Raising funds online isn’t an easy job without a proper platform or donation website . As an influencer, I have helped people raise funds for the campaigns of various non profits, churches and institutes. After trying different platforms, I have found many loopholes in most of them. Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding sites are good but they have their limitations. I’ve also tried PayPal. People do trust them easily and recurring payments are easy to manage. But, there are many problems when it comes to using them on a regular basis. High processing fees, account restrictions and some countries not being supported are examples from the long list of other issues I found with them.

During this trial phase, I came across a fundraising platform called Donorbox. Even though I had not heard much about them, I tried them. After trying them out for my own fundraising campaign and also for my customers, it proved to be the answer to all my donation problems. Donorbox is a comprehensive fundraising platform for nonprofits, churches, universities and any other institute or individuals looking to raise funds for some legit purpose (If you are looking for some illegal funding, this article is not for you).

So, this decision depends entirely on the nature of your fundraising campaign. All the information in this article is based on my personal experience. Hopefully, it will prove to be helpful in your quest for collecting online donations.


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