7 Days to Die Review

7 Days to Die

The essence of the game can be understood in terms of the imaginative fear that you are supposed to live in an unforgiving world, and where at each and every point you will have to face and fight many things. In different modes of the game, you are supposed to survive for different days accordingly, and for survival, you must have different skills like hunting, scavenging and crafting.

Food – A Top Priority

Food is a top priority in the game, and if you want to survive, you are supposed to find and collect as much food as necessary. The other important things like plant matter, small stones, and wood for combustion are also of the highest priority. At the first day of your survival, you are initially guided to collect all these items and to spend your first night, you must also look for items like clothes, a stone ax and arrows for your protection. When you survive the first day, the instructions stop, and now you are on your own to explore and hunt. Use the console commands to play the game more effectively.


Exploration might seem a pretty romantic idea, but in the game, it is much more difficult because the world of the game is so full of zombies, bears and other horrific hurdles. From the very first moment in the game, you are supposed to set up priorities. This is not it; you will find the game even more difficult because of the poor graphics. Repetitive sights of same trees and same surroundings are really frustrating, and at times you will really want to quit the game.
To make the matters worse, you will encounter fog in the game. The fog not only blurs your vision but also makes you vulnerable to the attack of zombies because you are unable to see anything at the distance of more than few dozen meters. While collecting things on the plain grounds, many times you will assume that you are safe, until zombies will catch you out of nowhere only because of the fog.

Crafting System

The menu-based crafting system is very easy to handle, and if you have the relevant ingredients, you can make anything that you want. However there are few items that require some recipe manuals, and in order to create these items, you will have to find the recipes first. For instance, the rocket launcher is one such example. If you want to create it for you, you will also have to find the recipe for this item. The game of this T-shirt can be purchased from Forward.

The last Day

The last – seventh – day in the game is extremely difficult because a flock of zombies attacks you and you find it extremely difficult to survive unless you have collected all the recipes to make items necessary for your survival.

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