In 2009, Borderland 1 was released which introduced players to the planet of Pandora; in the first version, some players could operate well only by RPG system, while others could only tolerate the desert battles. But, the Borderland 2 allows you to see a different and unique side of Pandora.



You can say that the story of the Borderland 2 is the biggest improvement; it combines both humor and over-the-top style. From the beginning to the end of the game, the action is done by the strong personalities. These characters have different things like sense of importance, hyperactivity, and spiteful annoyance. It is obvious, if you play the game, that the comedy in the game is the prime directive. You will find jokes everywhere; in the missions, and in the weapon descriptions.

You will also find many dialogues in the game, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to pay attention of all of these because of the continuous action of the game.


You can choose from 4 different characters, and each character has different action skills. You will find different brain skills that make one character different from the other. Apart from the natural capabilities of your characters, you can also earn points by completing many missions which will allow you to earn some perks. You can also earn tokens which you can use to get accuracy and reload speed. The T-shirt for this game can be purchased from Sunfrog, you may use Sunfrog coupon codes from Coupon Goo to save on your order.

Visual Customizations

Visual customization adds further charm to the game because you can make your character look like exactly how you want it to be. It is the best way to differentiate your character from other players by picking a unique design. The story in the game isn’t monotonous at all, but the things and the scenes keep on moving.  You will experience snowy glaciers, glittering cities, grassy islands, as well as deserts. You will also be introduced to the new characters and enemies as well as a new and fast travel system is introduced. You can play the entire game on your own, but you can get the best experience by playing it in the multi-player mode.


The first part of Borderland was focused on the impressive gun catalog; it is much more improved in the second part. There are different manufacturers, gun types, and elemental effects. You can get shields and other equipment of your choice from the catalog. If you think you no longer need any gun or you don’t like the gun, you can sell it instantly to any manufacturer and buy a different one that you think will suit your purpose. You can blow enemies with grenades, or you can shock them with electrical weapons. This game can be purchased from G2A and you may get discount by using G2A Cash Back Code from Coupon Goo.


In Borderlands 2, the world is more colorful than ever. The original scenes and landscapes are modified and improved to give a more focused and charming view. Whether you are playing alone or with your friends, different jokes and dialogues will make you laugh, and there will be moments when you will have to keep these jokes aside for a moment to seriously combat the enemy.

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