How to share large files over the internet for free

Internet world is exceeding all the limits with new technology and innovations, so as the file sizes. Almost all kind of apps, software, games and media files have improved the quality and features, that would mean we will need large size files for these. Suppose you have been watching Mpg or mp4 format movie in past with low resolution graphics and now you have the highly improved print format i.e MKV, that would mean larger media files. Same is the case with other kind of files.

So question is, how to share large files over the internet? The answer is very simple Jetdrop. With the help Jetdrop now you will be able to share large files i.e 10GB files on internet. And it’s legitimate with very easy method to upload and share the files.

First of all just ‘Add file’ or select and upload it, once you will successful select it, the file will start uploading in the background. This process is equally useful in case you want to upload more than one files. Once you click the upload, it will start uploading to the server, the process is pretty fast and secure.

In normal cases you will wait for the file to completely uploaded online before you get a shareable link. But with Jetdrop you can get a sharing link right after clicking the upload button. Means you can get it during the uploading process and send to your friend. That’s one of the salient features of this product.

And the other salient feature will stun you. Do you know, your friend can start downloading even before it’s fully uploaded to the servers? Yes that’s realtime process. You are uploading from your side and he is downloading from his end through the link you shared.

So the Jetdrop really got some jawdropping features and you should use it for sharing large files over internet securely and comfortably.

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