Can you convert docx to doc file online ?

Microsoft word has improved so much since it’s launch around 20 years ago. New fonts, new formatting, plenty of new features. Definitely it has made things easier and much more interesting for composers. And one thing more that has been changed in recent version is the file extension been changed from doc to docx. But what if you have some old files written and saved in old version of word? Many formatting will be missing and if you have the old version of Microsoft word installed, you will surely need file extension to be ‘docx to doc’  to open it.

Means converting docx to doc is required before we proceed. But here the question arises, how to convert docx to doc? Is it possible? Surely you can’t do it using word software itself. But you can use some converter to convert it online. Suppose you have the word version 2003 installed and want to convert docx to doc for this version. You go for online convert docx to doc word 2003 and within a few minutes you will get the required doc file.

It’s pretty simple to do. Just browse and upload the file online o the converter site. Start the conversion process and within seconds you will see the file being converted from docx to doc. You can download it and use it with ease. No need to download any software, no fear of any bug. So feel free to utilize your old Microsoft word software.

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