Now You Can Easily Convert Your Visitors into Leads

Do you know how many visitors on your site could be converted to a successful lead? So many of them might have a genuine interest in your site but they might not have idea how to get connected with you. Perhaps they might want to know more about your company of services but due to no proper communication system on your site they would have passed by. Even if you have put your email on your site for contact, most of the people are reluctant to go through the process of mail contact. Even if they would, who knows their mail might get into the spam folder.

So what’s the solution then? How can you let them connect you on a single click? How can you convert these visits into a successful lead? Very simple. Your leads are only a click away now with the help on Click Connect. With the help of Click Connect you provides an opportunity to your visitors to connect with you by just click the click connect box on your site. So when the things are made easy for them the chances of success will definitely increase.

You might be thinking how does it work? Its very simple to install and easy to manage system. You just need to purchase the click connect subscription (Starting at $10 per month) and  install the widget on your website. The widget is fully customize able and you can setup the description, your custom logo, add you agent and many other settings can be done in the widget. Once you are done with the widget Click Connect box will start to display on your site.

So when a website visitor clicks on the button they simply put in their phone number and choose to get a call or SMS now or at a later time during your business hours. They are then connected directly with your agents. You’ll get a missed lead notification via SMS and email for all missed leads. And once you get the missed leads you can manage all those contacts and followups in your account. You can even check the chat history. Isn’t it great ? Now you can easily convert your visitors to a lead with help of this innovative system of Click Connect.

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