Moooh!! is the First Personalized Mix & Match Fashion/Lifestyle Subscription Box for Men/Women

On Tuesday, June 27th, Negozio launched an Indiegogo Campaign for Moooh!!, the first personalized mix & match fashion and lifestyle subscription boxes for men and women around the world. Starting at only $49, Moooh!! offers the ultimate range of bespoken fashion boxes, saving customers around 60% compared to what they’d normally spend in a store or online. Depending on the box, customers will receive 3-10 fully-personalized fashion pieces, including full outfit ensembles, shoes, accessories, and outerwear, all designed by a team of Italian and Thai designers. Moooh!!’s collections are unique, trendy, and cannot be found anywhere else. Many of their ... Read More

Amanda Slade with her interesting and inspiring lifestyle blog

Being a professional blogger myself I always encourage other bloggers who are doing genuine blogging work. An in case the blogger has unique style of writing and expressing and sharing things with readers that's the big plus. Amanda Slade is one of those blogger who really impressed me with her unique writing style, nice and genuine topics, style of narration and so on. She uses her blog to share about craft, hairstyles, food and lifestyle. Her husband Mason who is also her 'best friend' is also a part of most of her blog posts. As most of the posts ... Read More

An Exclusive Interview with Visual Artist, Author and Photographer ‘Karen Bystedt’

Karen Bystedt is an American visual artist, author (Not Just Another Pretty Face, The New Breed: Actors Coming of Age, They Dared to Dream), and photographer who has installed her own art exhibit at The Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC, where it will be viewed by approximately 56,000 people a day. The exhibit contains artwork from her ‘King Kollection’, ‘Inclusion Series’, as well as two pieces from the ‘Lost Warhol’ inspired collaboration between Bystedt and hip-hop artist turned street artist Chris Brown. Pro Media Mag : How much your life and surroundings has influenced your work? Karen Bystedt : ... Read More

Award winning and all natural skincare products by Vilact

Most of the skincare products in the market have harmful ingredients in them. So if you go for them you must be ready for the harms and after effects. I don't say all chemical based products are harmful. Some of them are excellent and may give you the desired result. But chances are definitely there. You either have to be an ingredients expert or you need to consult an beauty expert for the best product. But if you go for all natural skincare products you don't need any expertise and consultancy at all. Natural products are the most suitable products ... Read More

Organic Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist Beauty by Francisca

Beauty by Francisca, a makeup and beauty blogger with a passion for organic skincare and makeup introduces a brand of holistic wellness and a natural approach to beauty. The philosophy of being passionate about transforming people's lives, educating and empowering women to live a healthier life through the power of nature. It is with this passion that I strive for women to feel good and look good "au natural" by choosing organic products. So for further information and beauty and makeup tips visit now

nterview with an independent music artist King Sko

Today in our interview section we have a talented music artist KING SKO who has been very impressive with the music he recently released. Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our rreaders. KING SKO : My name is KING SKO and I'm a independent artist from Atlanta Georgia. Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry? KING SKO : I was inspired to do rap music through my father who always told me I would be somebody great , and ever since he passed away when I was 8 ... Read More

Playing around with dresses for the first date

There is no doubt with the fact that women love to dress up. We love trying on dresses to see which one suit us best for the occasion and can spend the entire day accessorizing it correctly and getting the perfect shoes and bag for it. In fact, we enjoy doing it. And one compliment by out better half sets everything straight and suddenly, all the efforts are worth the pain. After a point in life, evening dates become the highlight of our life. We rarely get time to spend with each other and when we do, we want to ... Read More

What You Can Learn From Groupon Marketing

I've been on Groupon's mailing list for a little time and have seen their outlandishly quick development. I thought about whether there were some enchanted advertising thoughts that I could gather from them. Along these lines, in the soul of "ability gets; virtuoso takes", here are 6 things that we can all gain from Groupon's promoting machine: Have a Mobile Version of Your Website... That Works. I don't know by what other means to state this, along these lines, a considerable measure of versatile sites suck. They are difficult to utilize, they don't have all the principle elements of the ... Read More

Responsive Web design agency Marbella

Top 3 things that make ziro creative the ideal graphic and web design agency to use. Focus on the end goal, lead conversions. Be it, registrations, visits, contact or orders on your website, ziro look at the fundamental reasons for building you a website. They focus on the importance of what you need to achieve. Founder Jem says, “It can look pretty and function beautifully, but if it does not serve a purpose, it will fail.” ziro take the time to understand your company and its goals, focusing on the details that matter, like your target audience and demographic before ... Read More

How Does Digital Pen Technology Work?

Digital Pen Technology
There is a lot of buzz currently about the newest digital pen technology available on the market but, how does this innovative technology really work? The answer is surprisingly easy. With digital pen technology you simply write on a specially designed paper form using a special ballpoint pen and the information you have written appears in your back office IT systems automatically. The amazing thing is that this can be achieved in near real time! This is achieved via a combination of a specialised ball point pen, with a built in camera, memory and communication system, and by writing on ... Read More