Bizzalley, the New App for Businesses, Offers Open Customer Interaction and Growth

What apps like Whatsapp have done for the global audience, the new Bizzalley app promises to do for businesses. The only app that is exclusively focused on making businesses connect with customers, Bizzalley is packed with features that bring local services right into the hands of customers on the go. Customer service and interaction is at the heart of success for any small business, start-up or micro venture. Yet there has been a lack of flexible, feature rich apps that would allow businesses to build trust, authenticity and openness with their clients. Bizzalley, now available for Android and iOS, is ... Read More

Saving time, cost, and efforts through ELD Devices

Since the introduction of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD devices) the life of commercial truck drivers and other people related to them has been made easier. Now you don't have to manually record the service hours and other such logs. Means a lot of administrative work has been reduced through these devices. You can just install these devices into your truck system and it can easily be accessed by your android or iOS device. There are plenty of benefits of using ELD Devices. Here we are mentioning few of these. It's the best way to get the driver back on road ... Read More

Instalarea unui sistem de pompă de căldură geotermală pentru încălzire la domiciliu și controlul climatizării

Pompele de căldură pot fi operate în două moduri de bază - pot lua fie căldură din aerul din afara casei (chiar dacă este posibil să nu pară foarte cald în aer liber!) Și o pun înăuntru pentru a vă încălzi locuința sau pot fi de tip geotermal , care ia căldură de pe pământ și face același lucru. Lucrul minunat al pompelor de căldură este că acestea pot fi inversate, arzând căldură din casă și depozitate fie în aerul exterior, fie în pământ. Economia sistemului face un caz mare pentru o pompă de căldură versus aer conditionat, sau în ... Read More

What is Search Engine Optimization And Why Is It Necessary?

When you search for a certain something on a search engine it opens up a number of pages containing possible answers for your search. These 'answers' are your search results and the pages which contain these are the SERP or Search Engine Result Pages. Now, consider the many times that you have probably used a search engine, and the many results which each of these searches have raked up. If you think about it closely you will probably discover that out of all those million SERP's that you have opened up through your searches each time you have probably visited ... Read More

Is SEO Dead in 2018? Short Answer — No.

Search SEO on Google and thousands of how-to guides and expert’s opinions will flood your screen. Somewhere among them, you’ll find an article or two (probably more) saying that SEO is dead. And that’s not new. At the start of every year (actually throughout) ‘marketing gurus’ keep claiming that SEO is the talk of yesteryear. And it’s not impactful anymore what with the continuous change in Google’s algorithm. However, that’s not the truth. At least not completely. Search engine optimisation is as relevant to a digital marketing strategy in 2018 as it was last year. In fact, specific groups of ... Read More

3 Questions to Ask Yourself While Deciding to Build a Website

The first question you’ll encounter while planning to build a website is – whether you should hire professional website designers or do it yourself. Not only the first, it is one of the most important decisions, you’ll take, regarding your website. Earlier, there were no such confusions, as there was no way for a non-techie to build a website. With the advent of free online website builder tools, it has become possible to build a basic website without the knowledge of coding. If, you too are in the dilemma as to which way of building a website will be more ... Read More

Can you convert docx to doc file online ?

Microsoft word has improved so much since it's launch around 20 years ago. New fonts, new formatting, plenty of new features. Definitely it has made things easier and much more interesting for composers. And one thing more that has been changed in recent version is the file extension been changed from doc to docx. But what if you have some old files written and saved in old version of word? Many formatting will be missing and if you have the old version of Microsoft word installed, you will surely need file extension to be 'docx to doc'  to open it. ... Read More

Coinpal- The best wallet for your bitcoin and bitcoin cash

When you talk about digital cash? The first name that comes to your mind is Bitcoins. Thousands of people around the world are dealing in bitcoin and other such crypto-currencies. Whether you are keeping bitcoin and waiting for some good time to trade or dealing in continuous bases, definitely you need to keep a record of your bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Being a digital cash ofcourse you can't keep it in your wallet like paper cash. So what's the best solution? Coinpal Wallet. It's easy to use and free wallet to keep your bitcoins and bitcoin cash.     Their ... Read More

Temidayo Akinwande tells, what it takes to be a successful security professional

Do you want to be a successful security professional? It really takes real effort and hard work along with dedication to achieve your goals. A successful security professional Temidayo Akinwande talks about through what stages he went through until he finally fulfilled his goals. Here is his story told by Temidayo Akinwande himself. " My name is Temidayo Akinwande and I was born in Lagos, Nigeria sometimes in the late 80's where I attended elementary, high school and some college. I later moved to the United States in 2010 where I attended a community college and graduated with an Associates ... Read More

CryptoTask : From An Emerging Cryptocurrency To Lunching A Freelance Market

Time changes so frequently and sometimes changes the game altogether. A few years back no one was willing to trust the new concept then 'Cryptocurrency'. It seemed hard to devour in the beginning. Something that's not physically there and only available digitally was something strange at that time. But since the launch of Bitcoins and it's rapid success cryptocurrency has become one of the most reliable digital asset. In last few years a number of cryptocurrencies are launched. But the one that impressed me in past few months is CryptoTask. But before I proceed with it, for those who are ... Read More