Is SEO Dead in 2018? Short Answer — No.

Search SEO on Google and thousands of how-to guides and expert’s opinions will flood your screen. Somewhere among them, you’ll find an article or two (probably more) saying that SEO is dead. And that’s not new. At the start of every year (actually throughout) ‘marketing gurus’ keep claiming that SEO is the talk of yesteryear. And it’s not impactful anymore what with the continuous change in Google’s algorithm. However, that’s not the truth. At least not completely. Search engine optimisation is as relevant to a digital marketing strategy in 2018 as it was last year. In fact, specific groups of ... Read More

3 Questions to Ask Yourself While Deciding to Build a Website

The first question you’ll encounter while planning to build a website is – whether you should hire professional website designers or do it yourself. Not only the first, it is one of the most important decisions, you’ll take, regarding your website. Earlier, there were no such confusions, as there was no way for a non-techie to build a website. With the advent of free online website builder tools, it has become possible to build a basic website without the knowledge of coding. If, you too are in the dilemma as to which way of building a website will be more ... Read More

Can you convert docx to doc file online ?

Microsoft word has improved so much since it's launch around 20 years ago. New fonts, new formatting, plenty of new features. Definitely it has made things easier and much more interesting for composers. And one thing more that has been changed in recent version is the file extension been changed from doc to docx. But what if you have some old files written and saved in old version of word? Many formatting will be missing and if you have the old version of Microsoft word installed, you will surely need file extension to be 'docx to doc'  to open it. ... Read More

Coinpal- The best wallet for your bitcoin and bitcoin cash

When you talk about digital cash? The first name that comes to your mind is Bitcoins. Thousands of people around the world are dealing in bitcoin and other such crypto-currencies. Whether you are keeping bitcoin and waiting for some good time to trade or dealing in continuous bases, definitely you need to keep a record of your bitcoin and bitcoin cash. Being a digital cash ofcourse you can't keep it in your wallet like paper cash. So what's the best solution? Coinpal Wallet. It's easy to use and free wallet to keep your bitcoins and bitcoin cash.     Their ... Read More

CryptoTask : From An Emerging Cryptocurrency To Lunching A Freelance Market

Time changes so frequently and sometimes changes the game altogether. A few years back no one was willing to trust the new concept then 'Cryptocurrency'. It seemed hard to devour in the beginning. Something that's not physically there and only available digitally was something strange at that time. But since the launch of Bitcoins and it's rapid success cryptocurrency has become one of the most reliable digital asset. In last few years a number of cryptocurrencies are launched. But the one that impressed me in past few months is CryptoTask. But before I proceed with it, for those who are ... Read More

PublBox helps you manage your social media accounts with ease

Social media has become the need of the time. No matter from what industry you belong to, you definitely needs to be on social media to run a successful global business. From bloggers to social media influencers, small businesses to multi-national giants everyone needs a proper social media profile setup and regular posting and updating to stay in touch with their clients or followers. But their is an issue we normally face. Atleast I had been feeling this thing too much in recent past. There are so many social networks now a days and to stay socially active we need ... Read More

The Importance Of The Soil In Organic Gardening

The Importance Of The Soil In Organic Gardening
Organic gardening is different from regular gardening, most notably in the preparation of the soil. If you think that all you have to do is mark off a piece of land in your backyard and throw down some seeds, and that's your garden, you are very mistaken. After you finish reading this article, you will have a little better idea of the importance of soil to organic gardening. If you are new to organic gardening, the biggest misconception that those new to organic gardening have is that you can grow anything in any soil. You need to lose this idea, ... Read More

Where to get free YouTube to MP3 Converter app

Where to get free YouTube to MP3 Converter app
Using Youtube has become a part of our routine life. Or you can say it has been mixed to our blood. But watching and listening music on youtube means consuming too much data. And if you will download it, you will get mp4, mkv or flv format videos. Means so much space and bandwidth gone again. Apart from that you wont be able to play these files on your mp3 players and most of your cell phones as well. So what's the best solution? Mp3 format. Yes if you can get these files in Mp3 format you can play it ... Read More

A Review of the Ad Pods Bluetooth Marketing & Advertising System

System advertisers now have another strategy accessible to promote with. Promotion Pods Bluetooth Marketing System will get the message out for you in your neighborhood. This present organization's administration staff have been knowledgeable about all the different strategies for arrange showcasing as the years progressed. They have hands-on understanding and know direct how the system promoting industry turns. More vital the group at Ad Pods Bluetooth Marketing System comprehend the difficulties of building organizations in this exceptionally aggressive market. Advert advertising is far beyond a considerable measure of advertisers would anticipate. They are something other than flyers. The cases will ... Read More

What Are Your Options When Shopping For A Little Girl’s Hat?

What Are Your Options When Shopping For A Little Girl's Hat?
On the off chance that you have ever had the opportunity to experience young ladies' garments in the store, it is very likely that you went over a wide assortment of hues, prints and styles. Dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts and a wide range of tops are what make up many young ladies' closets. These things of apparel should be decorated sometimes. There are distinctive sorts of frill that a young lady can utilize, for example, a barrette or a young lady cap. Caps can be utilized to finish an outfit and they are additionally used to shield your girl's skin ... Read More