Is SEO Dead in 2018? Short Answer — No.

Search SEO on Google and thousands of how-to guides and expert’s opinions will flood your screen. Somewhere among them, you’ll find an article or two (probably more) saying that SEO is dead. And that’s not new.

At the start of every year (actually throughout) ‘marketing gurus’ keep claiming that SEO is the talk of yesteryear. And it’s not impactful anymore what with the continuous change in Google’s algorithm. However, that’s not the truth. At least not completely.

Search engine optimisation is as relevant to a digital marketing strategy in 2018 as it was last year. In fact, specific groups of marketers will claim that it’s probably more important than ever to get it right now.

Over the years, much like the rest of internet, SEO has evolved. So, of course, if you’re going to try the old techniques (looking at you keyword stuffers), then you might not get the desired results.

It’s true that over the years the focus on higher quality content has increased. Naysayers believe that it’s a shift from the traditional SEO. However, that’s false — in fact, now more than ever, you need professionals to synchronise your quality content with SEO. The two must work hand-in-hand to deliver top-notch results fully.

You must be wondering by now that how exactly has SEO evolved? Well, here are three fundamental shifts that have made good SEO practice more relevant.

1-Most of the search engines have changed for the better. In the earlier years, SEO was often considered a ‘dark art’. Almost like black magic, where some spammer, sitting in a poorly-lit room, is trying to use unethical ways to get you listed on the front page of Google. But that can’t be done anymore. Search engine algorithms are robust, and you’ve to work hard to earn that spot. There’s no way around it. Good content, user experience, and right SEO practices. Seriously, hire professionals who know their stuff and not people who claim to ‘magically’ get you leads using SEO

2- The way people browse the internet has shifted from desktops and laptops to mobile devices. In fact, most big companies report generating more leads from handheld gadgets. So, all the search engines will penalise websites that are not conducive to a mobile experience along with other useful SEO practices that need to be followed.

3- It’s all about the user experience now. The world knows that people don’t just want information or education. They want it in the form of an experience. Now, right SEO practices allow these users to absorb the content in the way it’s meant to be. It’s easier to find too. So, if you’re giving the people landing on your page a good experience, you’re ultimately gaining customers. And this is crucial, especially for small and medium businesses.

Conclusion —

The fact is that SEO is an ever-evolving paradigm. But when handled well and with expertise, it’s one of the finest weapons available to you when it comes to a creating and following a digital strategy. In fact, if done well, it’ll organically continue to give you leads for years. Maybe decades. So, yeah — don’t believe anyone who says SEO is dead. Far from it. There are some great professionals out there like  who’ll help you maximise your digital presence in a way that you stand out from the clutter.


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