SEO Myths that Shouldn’t Survive 2018

In the last decade, SEO has changed. Evolved. Beyond the point of recognition. So, it’s obvious that there is confusion in people’s head, and we’re not really surprised at the amount of myths that surround the world of SEO. But some of them have been more harmful than another– not only damaging the reputation of business but also of SEO practises and techniques as a whole.

Like any area of life, there’s lot of ignorance around SEO. Which is taken advantage of by con-artists, which in turn gives a bad name to the entire functionality. It’s terrifying, widespread, and the only way to get past it is by debunking some of the popular myths.

So, let’s begin.


1) SEO is just another scam

We’re not surprised that this is one of the myths. If you Google SEO Services, you’ll get websites promising you top 5 rank on the first page of Google for like 100$. Now, of course that won’t happen. And when it doesn’t — you’re bound to think that this entire SEO business is scum. However, that’s not true. Like every business, there are some con-artists who practise and perpetuate bad faith.

SEO is not a scam. When done right, SEO aids in ranking higher with the help of quality content, good formatting, backlinking, and more. Looking for Local SEO Business Solutions can be an important step in helping your company to be seen online. So, go ahead and find a professional for yourself. But do your research well — you’ll see results in no time.


2) Google hates SEO. So, it should be a bad thing.

Google doesn’t hate SEO. What Google does hate, though, is people trying to manipulate its algorithm through practises like stuffed keywords, duplicate content, and spammy links in thousands. As a matter of fact, Google is on the side of good SEO practises. So, it constantly evolves its algorithm and tightens it to ensure only great content with ethically implemented SEO practises flourishes.

So, if you actually don’t abuse in the name of ‘SEO’ — Google can be a powerful ally on your side. Making sure that your relevant good content almost always makes it to the search feed of the users who’re looking for it.


3) SEO is a magic pill

SEO is a process. It takes hard work. But more than anything else, you’ve to give it time to spread its reach. If you expect to reach millions of page views because you ‘implemented’ SEO practises the last night, then you need an education in how SEO really works. Also, SEO is not a one-time thing — it’s an evolving system that needs to be updated continuously to ensure that it’s doing its job. You need to track. Or you can find Local SEO Business Solutions who’ll do it for you, professionally.



These are just some of the myths that are pervasive in the SEO community along with being dangerous. And most of them exist because of the knowledge gap that users have about what is SEO and how it really works. So, read up, buttercup. Don’t hesitate to approach professionals to get an in-depth understanding of how the ever-evolving works.


SEO is here to stay. So, you might as well understand it.

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