PublBox helps you manage your social media accounts with ease

Social media has become the need of the time. No matter from what industry you belong to, you definitely needs to be on social media to run a successful global business. From bloggers to social media influencers, small businesses to multi-national giants everyone needs a proper social media profile setup and regular posting and updating to stay in touch with their clients or followers. But their is an issue we normally face. Atleast I had been feeling this thing too much in recent past. There are so many social networks now a days and to stay socially active we need to have an account on each of these i.e. Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. So the problem is how to manage that many accounts on regular bases?

I have tried some third party apps and tools for managing my accounts but the most recent and the best so far I have used is PublBox. It is a kind of tool that automates your social media postings making your social media life easier. The concept is very simple, with Publbox you will be managing all your social profiles from one box and that’s PublBox. And the good news is, it supports most of the top social networks including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, OK and Instagram.

It’s pretty easy to setup your account on Publbox. You just need to select any package they are offering and select the desired social networks you want to manage. The price is pretty reasonable that starts from $9/month. It’s not only supporting all the top social networks but also supporting most of the top Languages i.e EN, ES, PL, RU, DE and FR.

There is no doubt its one of the best services that has been created for those who are looking for spreading their words to the masses through social media. No matter if you are  small business, micro-entrepreneur, an NGO, blogger, active user of social networks or a social media influencer you will surely love working through PublBox.


There are plenty of benefits you will get b using PublBox. You can automate social media marketing activities like scheduling your posts. And it also helps you create attractive text and graphic content. You can schedule or publish the post on all the networks simultaneously. Means you don’t have to login in each of your social profile to post now neither you have to remember the details of each account.  So the social life will be a fun with PublBox.


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