Why We Need to Convert PDF to JPG

The PDF to JPG Converter has found its usage in several applications. Especially if the software developed by Soft Solutions is taken into account. This software not only converts a PDF file into a JPG format, but also in several other formats, such as PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF and TIF file formats. We generally think that we don’t need such a conversion software, until and unless we are caught in a situation where we are compelled to use this. A similar situation occurred with me, in which I had no other option, but to use this software. And after using this, I came to know the importance of this converter.

PDF to JPG Converter:


I had to upload a file to my office’s server for a presentation next day. When I tried to upload it, the browser did not display the file properly in the PDF format. It was probably due to the large size of the PDF file. I could not think of anything else, but to make use of a software that could convert my PDF file into a JPG format. I thought of a JPG format, because this is the type of format in which the converted file looks exactly same as the original PDF file. Without wasting any time, I downloaded the conversion software, developed by Soft Solutions. I chose Soft Solutions, because it is one of the most efficient conversion software developers.


After converting the file, I tried uploading it on the server, and the upload was successful. The file took very less amount of time for downloading, which I guess, was because of the small size of the software. Also, it took, in fact, lesser time for the conversion of such a huge PDF file. Moreover, not only JPG file format, but also PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF and multi-page TIF image formats are also supported by this software.
This conversion software can be downloaded from the below mentioned link: http://pdf-to-jpg-convert.en.softonic.com and from http://products.softsolutionslimited.com/pdf2img/category/pdf_to_jpg.htm and then can be installed by following the simple, step by step, procedure, mentioned explicitly.

From my experience as a software engineer, I would recommend this software to each and every one of you. This is a multi-tasking software that is supported by a variety of operating systems, almost every one of them that are used nowadays. This also allows us to choose whether a colored or black and white conversion is required. If we have very less space, then a black and white conversion would be preferable, otherwise colored one can be used. It also allows us to convert a password protected PDF file, into a JPG one, or any other file format supported by it. You just need to give the password while viewing the file, not for the conversion to take place again, one of the features that I find to be very useful. Also, it allows the user to set the image file resolution. Just by following the steps mentioned in the downloading process, one can get a PDF file into a JPG one, and that too at a professional level.

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