Factors to Consider Before Buying a Laptop for Djing or Dj

Laptops are an important part of modern-day digital DJ set-ups. So it is important to make the right decision so as to buy the correct personal device with the best controller available in the market. It is worth noting that all laptops are not suitable for deejaying. It is a specific function and demands particular devices to be plugged into the laptop, putting aside all other configuration choices like hard drive size, processor speed or memory. Veteran DJs recommend that 2 GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Processor and 16 GB of free hard drive space are enough to get that dance floor grooving like wild things. Before you check out some of the cool factors, you can also check out these top 5 best laptop for djing and djs in 2018. So let’s begin with the important factors to consider before a laptop for djing purpose-

Size and weight of a laptop

Rule of thumb with a DJ laptop is that it cannot, and will not be heavy. Carrying a bulky computer along with a power pack, DJ controller, headphones and cables through the parking lot, up the staircases (what if the elevators are under repairs?)and to the main party floor can get you exhausted even before the show begins. You have to carry your entire equipment set in public transport so the extra weight is always a big no-no.

Screen size of a laptop

The DJ laptops have to have wide viewing angles. You can’t keep shifting your location once the party starts and the crowd’s getting upbeat for more music. If your relay system fails to give you the proper reading, the occasion may turn into a potential disaster. To prevent any of that from happening, we recommend using a 15” laptop screen over more compact 13-inches for better visual cues.

Screen resolution of a laptop

Screen resolution is equally important as screen size or screen brightness. It is one of the most commonly ignored factors that affect a DJ’s performance. 13-inches provide resolution of 100 X 800 pixels which is perfect for Serato (audio software) and fine for mixing Virtual DJ software. 15-inches have a 1440X900 reading that may provide smaller info display but you get the enhanced feature of viewing a big screen with an increased display at a lower resolution, whenever you want to.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Unless you factored it into your budget before and wisely purchased a recently manufactured SSD, your hard drive may black out. It is not a possibility but rather an eventuality. HDDs can give out once they complete their (intended) service period. So having a back-up solid state drive is extremely important. Owing to the lack of any moving parts, they are very reliable. But at the same time, they are quite expensive and not readily available all the time, so take care to keep one handy all the time.

Battery life of a laptop

If you wish to keep your carrier as a DJ on the rise, keep your gear handy always as you may have to perform anywhere within a short notice. In such cases, the absence of a power socket can be a big turn-off. Long lasting laptop batteries save the day and maybe even get you your next big gig.

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