Perfect earbuds for perfect life!

Technology is improving rapidly. No matter what field you take their are high level tech based advancement in every field of life. And the one I am liking the most is in earphone/ headphone side. Majority of people go for walk or running in morning or evening time. And the music has been an essential partner in all these running and walks since long.

There used to be walkman with wired headphones. Then mp3s took over but still there was need of wired earphones. Even listening music through cellphones used to be through wired earphones. And then Bluetooth technology took over. Bluetooth headsets, earphones have made life easier for runners and gym and sports based people in particular. Bluetooth means no wired involved. So you can put headphones or earphones on your ears and starts workout or jogging.

But there were still some issues needed to be taken care. Headphones made us handsfree and wired free but there size, weight and visibility is the issue. Sometimes you don’t want to show off, that you are listening to something rather you want to show attentions to the person in front of you. And then the battery life is not as good as you want to be. Most of such gadgets are not water resistant so what if you are jogging and it starts to rain? And the music quality is not as good as you would like to in most of such gadgets.

Here comes the next generation of such gadgets, the earbuds. No wires, no weight, smallest in size, fits properly in your ears, long battery life, comfortable to wear and sound quality is good. I have become a big fan of this invention within no time. So I have tried many kinds of earbuds. Even bought them to present them as gift to my dear ones. Some brands are exceptional while I had a poor experience with a few.

But the one I have been using recently proved to be exceptional. Got everything I wanted to have in my earbuds. These are Paplio Dash True Wireless Extra Bass Earbuds. Surely the best earphones for Workout, Gym, Sport, and Running.

These are Bluetooth 5.0 supported Headphones with 20 Hrs Long Battery. Means ideal signal with long lasting battery. No need to charge again and again. You can even use them while traveling without any fear of battery running out. Sound quality is exceptional with noise Isolating, Microphone, IPX5 Waterproof TWS Stereo.

price is pretty reasonable keeping in mind the small size and comfort and features it brings. You can buy it on amazon in just $59.99

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