3 Questions to Ask Yourself While Deciding to Build a Website

The first question you’ll encounter while planning to build a website is – whether you should hire professional website designers or do it yourself. Not only the first, it is one of the most important decisions, you’ll take, regarding your website. Earlier, there were no such confusions, as there was no way for a non-techie to build a website. With the advent of free online website builder tools, it has become possible to build a basic website without the knowledge of coding.

If, you too are in the dilemma as to which way of building a website will be more beneficial, ask yourself these questions to ease your decision-making process.

Do you have the required budget?

The most crucial thing that can ward-off your confusion of DIY vs. Expert is your budget. Yes, the expertise of the experts comes with a price tag, because, the professionals are a human being like you and me and they need to earn a living through their expertise. The total cost of a website depends on many factors so we cannot give you the exact figure. But, the website building cost with an expert can be anywhere from 500$ to more than 5000$. If you need a more complex website the budget can also grow more complex. If you don’t have the budget, the answer is simple – Do It Yourself! And, if you have the budget, then proceed towards the next level.

Do you know or are you interested in learning the WordPress?

You might have heard, WordPress is very easy to learn and master. It indeed is very user-friendly, but, it’s not that easy that you can master it without any preparation. Even if you don’t know anything about WordPress you can learn it easily, if, you are willing to dedicate some time to learning and practicing. If you think you don’t have the time and patience to learn a new thing for building your website then you’ll have to allow a budget for expert website designers. We recommend visiting the site, to get your custom-build WordPress websites in St. Louis, if, you are anywhere in or around the place.

Are you aware of the procedures required for domain name and hosting of the website?

Building a website is very different from making a WordPress blog. You cannot simply go to the WordPress.com or WordPress.org and build up a website. You’ll first need to register a unique domain name and get a hosting platform where you’ll host your WordPress website. Getting a domain name and hosting server is not really a tough job but it is quite intimidating for many of the non-techies. If you are not comfortable with these tasks, you should consider passing-off your website related worries to a trusted professional website designer. You’ll just need to convey your website ideas and expectations and the experts will get it done at an agreed rate.

In a nutshell, you will need to invest either money or your time and effort to get a basic website. And, for a complex website, you’ll need experts because tools cannot replace professionals.

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