7 Major Ideas and Strategies That Would Help for A Better Online Business Video Collaboration

Video collaboration is something that can take place through different forms starting from the process of simple instant messaging to conferencing and telephony and the last but not the least video conferencing. Some applications here would focus on the specific elements while the others would try to incorporate them more than one capability. With videos being one of the most prominent to collaborate and communicate let’s have a look at some of the major tips that would help you collaborate more productively through enterprise business videos.

Having video conversations on regular basis: Practice makes things perfect. If you have more business conversations on regular basis you would then turn out to be more comfortable. And one of the best ways of intimidating feeling of online business videos is to have them each and every day without any delay. The more conversations you have with your clients and customers the more you would understand the small nuances and etiquette that goes along with them.

Finding a quiet place to set up: No matter if you are at home or at work place you would definitely require a quiet and distraction free zone. And if you cannot find a complete silent zone then it’s good when you have your head phones being carried with you. This way you could clearly hear who is saying what to you on the other end of the call. Have your microphone while you are not speaking would help you keep the background noise to a minimum.

Sending a message before initiating the conversation: If you have been nervous about immediately starting a conference call with your customer then have a message being sent beforehand. You could let someone know that you are about to begin with the conference call with them asking are you busy? Can we talk? This way you could feel less intrusive and you are not being disruptive before initiating the business video.

Turning off the notifications: Many of us have alerts being set when it comes to twitter, Facebook, internal messaging tool, and many more. Turning them all before you go ahead to the meeting especially when you are presenting or even think of sharing them on the screen. You would here again definitely not want to snide a comment about your boss idea being flashed on the screen sharing a comment with your co – worker who happens to be sharing the presentation at that moment.

Smiling when you are on camera: Do not forget that you are on camera, and that body language is as important as you are sitting with someone in the conference room. Have your camera being set at the eye level looking into the camera and not at your co – workers on the screen where you have been speaking to them. Remember this is something that takes a huge practice.

Waiting for a few seconds before you actually begin speaking: People in video conversations risk overlapping with each other due to the reduced nonverbal communication or the technology lag. One of the best ways you could avoid this is to wait for a first few seconds unless and until the last person is done talking. This would help you understand that the last person is done with whatever he was doing or whatever he was saying. We need to understand that the overlaps would happen and is a part of online video experience. And when it happens all you would need to do is just take a stride, being polite, and move on.

Just being yourself: If you have been focusing on how you have been perceiving using business video tools, it would make you walk towards the wrong way. It might make you seem eager, anxious, or overly assertive while you are dealing with a business video of your business organization. One of the best ways to handle the video collaboration for your business is to simply be yourself and relax. Have a talk with the person on the other side if he or she is right across you.

Technology has its own way of empowering workforce. It clear to see the ROI of enterprise conference software, it would cut down the travel costs and provide faster access to knowledge. Ensuring that your staff knows how to use properly use the video collaboration software technology would increase adoption.

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Claudia Metura is an expert in the IT industry with over 12 years of experience. She has collaborated with various companies to work on video platform for business.

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