Selecting The Best Domain Name For Your Blog

Choosing a domain name is probably the most important step when starting a blog. Take into account that without a domain name (even if it’s just a sub domain such as blogspot) you can’t really start out your online endeavors. This virtual address serves as the blog’s gateway, so you’d want it to be something memorable and relevant.

Start off with a master list and work on narrowing it down . If you’ve got your top ten list, make sure you pick out the best. To make it easier for you, here are some things you can consider for your blog’s domain name:

1. Online memorability. People who go online usually remembers web addresses that are easy to remember and catchy. Think Google and Yahoo. Online memorability is indeed important and this is one thing online visitors would do in ‘clicking’ blog addresses that are easy to be remembered. However, if you are into personal blog then better use your own name for your virtual address.

2. Blog significance. If your blog is all about coin collections, your blog name shouldn’t be Quite obvious if you think about it but do you get what I mean? Make use of words that will surely describe your blog to avoid readers from being confused.

3. Indicate “blog“. This is more applicable for already-existing websites, such as company sites. Remember, even if you have a new blog, it doesn’t mean that you will use an entirely new domain name. You can either put the blog in a sub-domain of the existing blog (example: or add a “-blog” suffix (example: Doing so would keep the blog connected to the original website it springs from.

4. Use less words. Shorter and simpler words for your domain name is much easier to be remembered . Well, if your blog’s niche is all about world war II Japanese lost treasures, it doesn’t mean you will is it as your blog’s address. Japanese WW 2 planes”. Well, you can surely save space in your business card for sure!

5. Hyphenate. Here’s a fact: search engines also do not know how to separate each word in a URL. Artificial intelligence is not yet in this kind of level. That’s why if you don’t want your blog “NYC rap artists” to be mistaken as NY crap artists then hyphenate the words my friend.

6. Posit for future branding. You can say that choosing a domain name is nothing short of branding, because of the above characteristics you’d have to consider. Indeed, the future of a blog would require branding if the time comes that you’d be accepting sponsors, selling merchandise or hosting events.

7. Avoid plagiarism. Bear in mind that you can be sued once you copy other domain names so be vigilant my friend .

Selecting a domain name is just like you are naming your new born baby. Planning well in choosing a domain name is a must and it is your job to do so since this will be also a part of your online marketing  success (remember, acquiring for a domain name is an annual contract). So what’s in a name? A lot.

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