Video Game Logo Evolution

If you had a Nintendo 64 or a SEGA Genises, you had one of the greatest childhoods on earth. The current generation does not understand the efforts it took to come to the current high fidelity graphics. They may have their GTA V and Street Fighter V, but they will never know the joy of chasing after mushrooms, which were somehow completely legal, or playing a game where gold rings were just lying around to be collected by a hedgehog.

If you say it this way, it does seem a bit confusing. Were the developers actually playing with our tiny little minds? We are pretty sure that any game today, which gives your superpowers after eating a weird mushroom would be rated at least 17 +. And what about Sonic the Hedgehog! Turns out they aren’t even close to being fast. They just like to roll themselves up to protect from danger. That’s it with the jokes, so let us move on to some serious stuff.

We were intrigued by our inner thirst for information and had to dig out some history for this piece. It turns out Nintendo has really deep roots. The company started back in 1889 in Koyoto, Japan. Once you consider the fact that the company survived two World Wars and 2 Nuclear detonations, is it really hard to tell why they would believe that eating odd mushrooms would give Italians great powers. If you want to find out whether they have changed this perspective, you can get your hands on the latest version of Mario at G2A Games.

On the other hand Sega started in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1940. It is a Japanese company as well. Originally known for their outstanding consoles, they now only produce software for third parties. It has expanded by acquisition in the last decade. The most famous of its game is the revolutionary Total War series. But, things have generally been on the decline for SEGA.

Here is an infographic which will get you through a brief history and logo evolution in both these giants and some revenue figures as well.
Video Game Logo Evolution

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