How to Make Sure You’re Hiring a Good Freelance Programmer

A great idea for a software program can strike anytime, and if that happens you have to hire a freelance programmer unless you can do it yourself. The very best thing you can do is find out what you need to do because that will help you to make the best hiring decisions. It may be helpful if you view this as making an investment in your own business. We will introduce you to several important considerations you will want to bear in mind regarding the hiring process.

You have to make sure any potential programmer knows and understands what you want from him or her. Remember they may not know what questions to ask as far as what you want. It is always better to over-deliver in this area of description and software requirements as far as what it needs to do is concerned. If you skip this step, you may just end up with an unfinished project or something that’s not up to your expectations. We advise to be very patient as you draft your initial description for what you want so it is perfectly clear. You can ask the programmer if he or she is willing to solve some problems so you can get a better idea about them. You can ask what logic would he/she apply to solve the problem and if you’ve got enough time on hand; you could even ask the programmer to implement the logic and give you the solution. People who hire programmers often do this, but perhaps mainly the larger businesses who know their projects will be desirable. This is a competency skill filter, and that is what you are looking to hire, competent programmers.

It’s pretty rare that you find businesses hiring freelance programmers and giving them upfront training, because there’s just not enough time, and that’s the reality. Autodidactics are the very best people to hire because they will take something and learn whatever is needed. Be right up front and inquire about education, continuing education and so forth. You really have to take the initiative here and ask them. Be sure to give people a chance because programmers may not necessarily have the best social skills. You do not want to overlook someone who may really be exactly what you want. What we discussed in the above article is not at all difficult to apply, but not caring about these factors will definitely make things harder for you. So just try to have patience with the process, and you will learn more the first time you do it. You will be adding to the assets of your business as well as learning a skill you can use in the future.

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